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Untitled.Showa A project for making new meanings and solving a mystery through found photographs Interview + words Fay Edwards It was a gathering, a reunion of sorts. Up on the rooftop garden of 107 in Redfern, Mayu, Chie and Sandy came together in person for the first time in months to… Read More


The Interview:  Celebrating the Underdog! Words Fay Edwards From behind Maddie sits in an armchair, with her head turned towards the camera, flashing a smile underneath a spotlight during filming for PLATFORM Live. Find Crips & Creeps on Instagram and Facebook >> @cripsandcreeps My interview with Madeleine Stewart, the… Read More


The Interview:  ‘Belonging’ with Jess Cook 107’s Managing Director Words Fay Edwards ‘Belonging’. It’s something I most strongly associate as being an academic concept studied during the dreary years of high school. But it’s a feeling that’s popped up throughout life, tracking me through years of uni, work, love and… Read More


“My place” was a place to take risks and feel safe Mary Lynne Pidcock on making communities Words Mary Lynne Pidcock Interview Fay Edwards Images Jessica Lindsay, City of Sydney Mary Lynne Pidcock is the chair of the 107 board, president of the South Sydney Business Chamber, and an active and… Read More


Tamara Schembri of Toybox Labs is making waves in a new field of software development Interview Meagan O’Connell Images Syrenne Anu One of several organisations that call 107 Redfern Street home, Toybox Labs makes software for use in academic and scientific experiments. They’re one of only a handful of companies working in the… Read More


Meet Jen Noorbergen Joynton Avenue Creative Centre manager & newest 107 team member! Interview Meagan O’ConnellImages Syrenne Anu If you see Jen around Joynton Avenue Creative Centre be sure to say hi! You can also get in touch with your ideas about what you’d like to see on the Joynton Avenue program … Read More


‘Placemaking’ as an outcome, not an industry: Board member Duncan Read responds Words Fay Edwards This article is part of a series on ‘Placemaking’, inspired by and responding critically to Ed Blakely and Richard Hu’s book, Crafting Innovative Places for Australia’s Knowledge Economy. In the first of the series, volunteer and community… Read More


What the hell is ‘Placemaking’ anyway? Words Fay Edwards I’ve worked in communications for a few years now, and one of the things I’ve noticed is that my language is now inflected with words that mean a whole lot in the office, but can fall a bit flat once… Read More


Architecture for the people: Claire McCaughan of  Archrival Words Meagan O’ConnellImages Rhiannon Hopley / Supplied Join our creative community! With a private office at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre, you’ll be joining local change-makers like Claire in a collaborative and supportive environment. Visit to find out more. Part of the growing community of… Read More


BRUNT Holds a mirror up to you and your bros Words Alexandra Jonscher ★ 7/10 Brunt ran at 107 Redfern from August 16-18, 2018. Words Alexandra Jonscher ★ 7/10 Brunt ran at 107 Redfern from August 16-18, 2018. Brunt is a critical exploration of masculinity that challenges young men to closely… Read More


5 Minutes with Kitty Cardwell, aka Mrs C and Me Words Amy WillingImages Kitty Cardwell Find more of Kitty’s work on Instagram  @mrscandme, or visit The Rizzeria  @therizzeria. Last month, we were excited to welcome volunteer-run printing outfit The Rizzeria to Joynton Avenue Creative Centre as one of our first… Read More


Starting a business from scratch:  Meet the volunteer duo behind 107 Objects You can see the current collection at, or drop in and visit the exhibition space any day between Tuesday – Sunday. In October 2017, a long-term dream of 107’s came to life: 107 Objects. The online store and… Read More