Suba Bale & Lines of Livery: Courtney Wagner & Jesse Bisset



WHEN: 13 Sep 2017 – 17 Sep 2017

COST: Free

This week at 107 we have a tri-exhibition from three emerging Sydney artists;

Suba Bale (Subangini Balendra) is a developing artist with a Sri Lankan Tamil heritage. She is self-taught and is currently exploring a variety of art techniques and mediums. Her most recent work is an investigation of abstraction in nature. Balendra also experiments with digital art, photography, textiles arts and fashion design, which all inform her practice and aspirations as an emerging textiles based artist.

Lines of Livery is a solo show featuring works of varied mediums, that traverse the notions of identity through lateral interpretations.

Born and practicing in Sydney, Wagner's exploration of her South African heritage shows the interplay of masking and revealing of identity as centric to her practice, and the tensions that can arise from feelings of displacement.

Jesse Bisset

Nostalgia catapulted headfirst into the reality of country town life. Drugs, alcohol and mental illness are the discordant tones that underpin this body.  Candid confessions and abstract depictions captured from speeding car windows.

Outpourings in my journals to photos snapped and warped by time. These works will gather melancholy assemblages of my teenage years in West Australia and frame them against contemporary Sydney life. This clash is highlighted through the idea of a geographical reference point drawing me back as well as a historical one coated in personal allegory. The bastardised folklore that is memory muddles the town I come from into a storybook of dystopian dreams. A places of mining booms, endless highways, wild beaches and abandoned towns. Drawing on my inner life as a woman; that of chronic pain, mental illness and love

Opening Friday 15th September | 6–8pm.

Exhibition dates Wednesday 13th–Sunday 17th September.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.

Image: left Undo My Thoughts (detail) 2017, Suba Bale | middle African Kings (detail) 2015, Courtney Wagner | right untitled (detail) Jesse Bisset