Base-Metal Convergence #2


WHEN: 2.30-4.30pm – 21 Jun 2015


On the 21st June base-metal hosts the second of its sharing, planning and roundtable discussions. base-metal is a gathering place for artists who engage in experimental/performance art practice to converge and establish a supportive network.

There have been many things on the calendar and it will be great to hear about 48 hour incident and the recent PAS workshop in Italy attended by James Needham-Walker amongst others.

Marina Abramović is in town for the Kaldor's Project 30 Marina Abramović: in residence at Pier 2/3 June 24 - July 5. Some performance makers are in residence with her and many more are facilitating in the audience engagement space and in a 3-day training as we speak.

This gathering we would also like to look at some long term visions and ideas.

We will be taking over a table in the corner of the cafe at 107 Projects. Support the cafe and come a bit early to grab a warming beverage and join us for our Sunday informal convergence.

Finally for those who choose not to engage with facebook there is now a base-metal tumblr site that you can follow with updates and relevant posts. See the link below.