Backyard Aquaponics


WHEN: 9-5pm 18 Apr 2015 – 19 Apr 2015

COST: $550

Does growing water-wise organic herbs, leafy greens and vegetables at your back door sound good to you? How about growing fresh fish while you’re at it?

Join us for a practical aquaponics workshop on how to build your own aquaponics system and produce organic, water-wise vegetables and fresh fish in your own backyard.
This 2-day intensive workshop is designed to de-mystify home aquaponics systems, and give you the knowledge and confidence you need to build a range of DIY backyard aquaponics setups.
We know there’s no ‘one way’ to do aquaponics, so in this wokrshop we ensure you get a good grasp on all the options out there for home aquaponics systems. Then you can build your own with confidence.
No chemicals, no fuss, just fresh fish, herbs and vegetables.

$550 / $467.50 for 2 or more

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