Groove Therapy



WHEN: 6-7pm EVERY TUESDAY 10 Jan 2017 – 19 Dec 2017

COST: $20*

Groove Therapy is an all encompassing dance experience designed to make you feel good about yourself. 

Dance is scientifically proven to give you benefits that go far deeper than just fitness and flexibility. At the forefront of our class planning comes a push for mental wellbeing, something that is repeatedly compromised in our workplace, home and most commonly, our internal monologue.  

Groove Therapy wants to bring you into an environment that allows you to get moving whilst stimulating your brain to improve your memory, coordination and boost those feel good endorphins. It also lets you meet like-minded terrified beginner homies- so you can chill about not being coordinated...yet.

Our weekly open classes are aimed at everyone and anyone who has always wanted to take a hip hop class, learn how to groove on a d-floor and...just feel good really.

*Cla$$ Price$
Casual Grooves Class: $20

5 Class Freak On Pass: $70 (2 month expiry)

10 Class Boss Pass: $140 (4 month expiry)

Don't miss it baes.