WHEN: 7-11.30pm – 23 Apr 2015

COST: $10/5 concession

KUBE - Elektronisches Karbarett. An evening with The Berlin School

More ambient than ambient, more trancey than trance - Berlin School acts of the 70s and early 80s pioneered many of the sounds familiar from today’s dance music, yet the true sound remains grossly under-represented in the Sydney live scene. KUBE - enjoy our selections from four decades worth of space music in the comfort of our bean bag lounge, complete with lava lamps and other retro-psychedelic effects.

Former Tasmanians and school friends now gone middle-aged, Stewart Lawler (Boxcar, Severed Heads) and Jonathan Elliot (Prayers in Ashes, Batrachian) formed Kl(aus) in 2013. After many years experience playing live in various bands using sequencers and laptops,and even more long evenings in the pub arguing the nuances of Tangerine Dream albums 1979-1985, they realised the Berlin School style is the perfect vehicle for a more musical style of electronic improvisation and sonic exploration. And for sitting down wearing cardigans while they play. A debut EP is forthcoming.

In keeping with their improvisational theme, Kl(aus) is also developing a custom distributed visualisation software system, so that the pictures follow the music, rather than the musicians following along to a prepared video clip as is so often the case. die Blinkenlichtsmaschine von Klaus will also be making its first public appearance on the night.

The night also features a special guest appearance by Tom Ellard (Severed Heads) with an appropriately Berlin School set of original music and video devised especially for KUBE. . Ellard @ 8pm
Kl(aus) @ 9pm