Home DIY Course


WHEN: 10AM - 3 PM on consecutive weeks 20 Nov 2022 – 27 Nov 2022

COST: $325

TICKETS: Register Online

VENUE: 107 Redfern

In this workshop you will learn how to safely and economically undertake a number of small maintenance tasks around the home ie. hanging a shelf and fixing a tap. Whether it’s an unfinished DIY project or you’re looking to take on some basic, satisfying home-fixes yourself, this course is for you.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this home DIY course, you will have:

A solid understanding of general safety measures required when carrying out home DIY
An understanding of how to select and use the correct use of drills and drivers
The know-how to choose and use the right drill bits and fixings for a variety of applications
An understanding of the basic concepts involved in timber-framed wall construction
The know-how and skills to hang a shelf, tackle basic plumbing and the ability to install a pane of glass.

Skill Level

This course is suitable for beginners (18 years and over) with no prior workshop experience.

Course Content
Day 1
Safety and Housekeeping
Work area preparation
Introduction to and examination of different materials found in the home (natural, manufactured and hazardous)
Basic DIY Toolbox contents and why
Introduction to advanced tools
Introduction to drills and drivers
Practice in the use of the basic toolbox items
Cutting, drilling, fixing into various materials (woods, masonry and ceramics)
Putting it all together (measuring, marking, gluing, fixing, tiling and finishing)
Clean-up and disposal of waste

Question time (pick your instructor's brain about home projects)

Day 2
Putting it all together completion (grouting)
Anatomy of a gyprock wall
Hidden hazards (power, water, gas)
Detecting hidden items (studs, power)
Examination of the various anchors available to hang things on walls
Patching a damaged (minor and major) gyprock wall
Anatomy of the S bend and taps
Change a washer/fix a tap
Removal/attaching a flexi hose
Solutions for working without a workshop

Question time (pick your instructor's brain about home projects)

The Bower’s instructors are experienced at facilitating courses for individuals living with disability. Please let us know about any special requirements prior to enrolment so that our staff can prepare in advance.