For Folk Sake



WHEN: 7-11pm – 25 May 2019

COST: 20 on the door, 15 online


VENUE: 107 Redfern

Come and join us on the fairy lit garden terrace SATURDAY MAY 25 to be spellbound by three amazing live acts:

CJ Stranger

CJ Stranger sings indie-folk songs with slide guitar and acoustic finger pickn’. He can be heard drawing on the lyrical school of writers such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake and finds musical inspiration in landscapes explored. From deserts to autobahns to boats lost at sea, CJ Stranger presents an old soul perspective on the world. CJ Stranger is the songwriter personality of Sydney musician Cameron James Henderson.

Bek Sarkoezy

Bek Sarkoezy is an year old indie/folk singer/songwriter and she's basically what happens when you hand your kid a guitar and force feed them The Smiths and Bob Dylan. Her songs are kinda happy but kinda sad, mostly pretty, however always sung with fervour and sincerity. She adores intimate gig venues, recording songs in her bedroom and forcing her audiences to sing along to 90's covers. Daniel Willington, Vernon Zamora and George Sheridan will play sidemen...

Stephen Chikazaza

Stephen Chikazaza is a Zimbabwean born singer and songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Stephen’s musical influences range from R&B, Jazz, American standards to variations of traditional and Afro pop sounds. Chikazaza has taken his time to mould his unique sound, which can be heard in his debut project, ’Familiar People’ due to be released this year. The body of work brings together his soulful voice and song writing skills over a menu of sounds reminiscent of classic soul and gospel records.