Our subsidised studio spaces are designed to support local artists who are not commercially represented, and who are considered to be in the “emerging” stage of their career.

107 is proud to support the following resident artists:

Nadeena Dixon

Nadeena Dixon

Nadeena Dixon is a Wiradjuri, Yuin & Gadigal Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist. She is recognised as a Master Weaver in Indigenous Cultural Traditions, and her cultural practices include dance, song, language, contemporary storytelling, and contemporary ceremony.

Tom Droz

Tom Droz

Tom Droz is a Redfern-based object designer, Architect and artist. His work amalgamates handmade processes and machine fabrication – exploring the aesthetic and textural possibilities of materials through sculpture, ceramic objects and luminaires.


Mark Eliott

Mark Eliott is a contemporary artist working primarily with glass. His themes include: sculptural abstraction informed by music and synaesthesia, the dance between improvisation and structure, biological representation, story-telling through objects and animation. Mark also also enjoys teaching, interactive demonstrations and collaborating. He recycles his glass and buys carbon offset credits.

Josh Gilchrist

Josh Gilchrist is a screen printer with years of experience and a passion for the art form.


James Harney

James is a Sydney based graphic designer and artist. He’s been practicing on and off professionally in the arts for about fifteen years, studying at UNSW Art and Design (COFA). James went on to study graphic design at Enmore. He now works full time as a designer.

Julia Kennedy-Bell

Julia is a Sydney based artist practicing in installation, sculpture and painting and drawing. Her works follows a process that fluctuates between painting and sculptures on a continuum of abstraction. Of particular interest is the relationship between forms and mediums and the way in which these mediums can be translated and transformed.


Katya Petetskaya

Katya is a visual artist working predominantly in painting and visual art performance. She combines the language and materials of landscape painting, while disrupting traditional readings of this genre. Katya was born and raised in Russia and now lives and works in Sydney.

Sophie Parry

Sophie is a Sydney-based textile designer and mixed media artist. After moving to Australia in 2014 she started her new brand Scribble & Sew selling handmade sensory textiles for children. She is currently working on new collections for Scribble & Sew and running sewing workshops from 107.

Shane Wiechnik

Shane Orion Wiechnik is a trained furniture conservator/restorer dedicated to the practice and education of historic crafts, restoration, and modern conservation techniques. His projects explore how understanding crafts creates a greater connection with the material world and changes our perspectives on what things are made of and how they are made, in turn making us better consumers and custodians for the world around us.

Felipe Vilches

Felipe is a multi-instrumentalist, poet and a creative now based in Redfern since 2017.
By day, Felipe is a radio broadcaster –
By night, he works out of the 107 space.

With the desire to connect as many community organisations, venues and creative individuals, those who have the heart and desire to give back to the people of this land and community are invited to say hello.

Felipe’s vision is that creative’s stop working in silos, rather collaborate together so we can all eat and bless others through our abilities.

Felipe is also the volunteer multimedia coordinator at 107.