Two Up


WHEN: 6.30pm – 21 Aug 2016

COST: $10

Two Up is a talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in back to back lectures. The floor is then opened up to the audience for a fun and impulsive round of questioning, encouraging interaction between speakers and ideas.

Two Up is for inquisitive minds both young and old. It’s a bit silly and very educational. In a world of increasing specialisation Two Up creates a space where get outside of your box.

This round of Two Up will be throwing together Luke Marshall who will break down Solar Energy and Pokie Machines.

Drew Rooke is a non-fiction writer who is currently knee deep in his debut novel The Final Spin, which examines Australia’s longstanding affair with poker machines. Drew has looked at the culture of poker machines from all angles tracing the history, analysing the design and recording addiction stories. Drew’s writing appears in The Saturday Paper, The Sydney Morning Herald, Meanjin, Voiceworks and Junkee. His book will be published by Scribe Publications in 2018.

Luke Marshall is a director at Sydney-based software firm Sunapse, developing modelling an optimisation software for the solar thermal industry. His real claim to fame presenting Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ lectures complete with lazer pointers and scissor lifts. Luke was also a youth delegate to the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Conference, has lobbied politicians over renewable energy.