Turk Town


WHEN: 6–10pm – 22 Nov 2015

COST: $10

TurkTown Records Label Launch Featuring Jai Pyne Plum + Special Guests + Djs + Kebabs

TurkTown is here.

TurkTown is a new label from the south side of King Street home of the spicy felafel and the kusbasili.

To celebrate- TT is throwing a party with its two artists Plum and Jai Pyne (also CEOs of TurkTown)

There will also be special guests, Djs and kebabs! (vegetarian options also)..

So come on down early to 107 Projects.

107 Redfern St, Redfern.

Plum is the bedroom recording project of Caleb Jacobs. Known for his catchy, melodic guitar work in Sydney outfit The Cathys, Plum sees Caleb tap deeper into his pop influences to create a unique take on heady electronic pop. His EP Black Doris is out Friday 13th November,

Jaisus is Jai Pyne’s musical second coming. The EP revisits Jai’s roots as a maker of lo-fi bedroom music and also provides a glimpse into the future: sounds and ideas smashed together with reckless care and pure joy. The Jaisus EP will be out November 16th.