Thigh Master (Bris) 7″ launch / Shrapnel CS launch


WHEN: 8-11.30pm – 19 Jul 2014

COST: $10

Brisbane band Thigh Master originally formed as a side-project for brothers Matthew and Daniel Ford of Black Vacation, with Brisbane socialite Patrick Byron enlisted on drums. Serving as a songwriting outlet for younger brother Matthew, the group amassed a set list of Flying Nun inspired tunes; playing their first few shows underneath a share house in Milton; overshadowed by the XXXX brewery, the stench of rotting hops always lingering in the air.

The band has since evolved over the past year and a half from their modest roots as a DIY guitar rock trio, and their split cassette with Martyr Privates earlier this year proved the band to be more than just another 80’s Kiwi knock off. Welcoming Dusty Anastassiou of Dag/Scrabbled on second guitar, Thigh Master’s sound has matured and mutated into a sprawling melodic beast, with the dual guitar interplay at times recalling Mad Nanna, the 3d’s and Cap’n Jazz.
While many guitar pop bands tend to lean towards the easygoing, Thigh Master establish their appeal through songs of apathy and heartbreak that constantly teeter on the edge of complete breakdown, but with one hand always on the pint glass.