The Other




WHEN: 9 May 2018 – 13 May 2018


In an expressionist-abstract form “The Other” aims to demonstrate human bodies in a metamorphosis from their organic free shape into commodities. A process in which one loses the control on their own body and become an object to satisfy The Other’s needs and desires.

The paintings aim to visualise human bodies in a life and death struggle. A struggle between the dominant power which wants to conform the other one, as an object or pure material into a commodity to suit his needs and desires. To enjoy the best he needs to conquer the whole of the other and it means to disfigure it as much as it looks no longer like its organic idea. Each figure stands for the idea of self, either master or slave, and sometimes as a symbol of the collective. There is a transition in bodies from their organic composition into an abstract form, during a process in which all the efforts to conquer the organic material fails. As time goes on, the bodies experience a metamorphosis and their monstrous shapes start to emerge, the shape of the history of human being.

Exhibition opens Wednesday 9th – Sunday 13th May

Opening night Wednesday 9th May | 6-8pm.

Gallery open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm.