Repairs±Knitted Abyss±Horse MacGyver±Ill Winds


WHEN: 7.30-11.30pm – 4 Oct 2014

COST: $10

Repairs are a four piece hailing from Melbourne. Having formed in high-school, they’re not what you might have come to expect from such an endeavour. The longstayers grace Sydney’s 107 Projects on Saturday the 4th of October with their first appearance since 2012’s Sound Summit, subsequently undergoing a line up change; replacing Jon Koop with Slug Guts Nic Kucceli. They’ll be serving up their take on something that fits within the realms of NDW of DAF or Der Plan and no-wave punk by means of an array of pulsing analogue synthesizers.

With support coming from Sydney's own Knitted Abyss featuring Lucy Phelan of NOTV and Lucy Cliché and Anna John of Holy Balm, Horse MacGyver and Ill Winds.