Pretty Gritty #6


WHEN: 5.30-9.00PM – 30 Mar 2014

COST: $10/8

Beats, Bleeps and Banging Things

Bi-monthly home for ambient electronica and other poorly named genres that play with noise, shattered melodies and broken beats.

The first Pretty Gritty for 2014 celebrates the bang, the crash, the blow, the smack and the whack using real and virtual instruments. Steffan Ianigro creates an otherworldly carillion using a gas cylinder and processing; Jon Drummond lets the bleeps run free from his DIY kit creations; Alon Ilsar plays air drums with his interactive "sticks"; and Tina Havelock Stevens rocks an epic duet for drum kit and video.

Tina Havelock Stevens
Alon Ilsar
Jon Drummond
Steffan Ianigro

Produced by Gail Priest