Objects in Space



WHEN: 5 Jul 2017 – 16 Jul 2017


Emerging installation artists Meg Driver, Lauren Patricia and Cecilija Rubenis are interested in working with banal found objects. They view the gallery space as a place to encounter and experience materiality - a site in which we can question and reconsider our spatial relationship to the world. The exhibition rethinks the role of the object and explores malleability and playfulness in contemporary arts practice.

Driver creates floor-based sculptures that highlight the gallery as a space of encounter. The success of her work is reliant upon the viewer’s movement through the installation space in order to activate the objects.

Patricia works within a framework of the unknown; a curiosity between herself and the world. Her videos and installations create absurd relationships between common objects and physical movement.

Rubenis’ paintings and soft sculptures work in opposition to the sanitised space of the white cube, instead embracing the abject banalities of the everyday. She pushes viewers to use this state of discomfort to reassess their ideas of normality.

Together Objects in Space calls for a re-examination of the art object, aiming to open up a new framework of thinking that encourages contemplation and an active exchange between object, viewer and the unknown.

Opening Wednesday 5th July | 6–8pm.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 16th July.

Gallery open Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm | Sunday 11am–4pm.

About the Artists

Meg Driver

Meg Driver is an emerging Sydney based object and installation artist who recently graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours - Class I) at Sydney College of the Art’s in 2016. Driver’s recent practice explores the effects of minimalist and conceptual art, and its significance in forming new approaches to artistic production. Driver utilises materials such as cement, timber, glass, mirrors, LED lights and PVC pipes. She is interested in observing how the art object operates within the gallery space and believes in the importance of re-defining artistic production.

Lauren Patricia

Lauren Patricia recently graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with Honours in sculpture. Her work engages the history of expanded painting and conceptual art in terms of affect; both architectural and imagined. Her work is largely process based, with a keen interest in New Materialist theory and found objects. Her practice is driven by processes of childlike 'play' and its relation to both formalist abstraction and handmade aesthetics.

Cecilija Rubenis

Cecilija Rubenis is an emerging installation artist based in Launceston, Tasmania. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours - Class I) from Sydney College of the Arts. Rubenis is interested in the role material play in creating meaningful, and sometimes uncomfortable, encounters between audience and artwork. Her installations push the nexus between painting and sculpture, exploring the subtleties of discomfort through strange forms and pictorial spaces. She is passionate about studio-based research as a tool for navigating complex social and political issues. Informed by second-wave feminist practice, her hand-stitched soft sculptures explore the tension between physical labour, feminist practice and contemporary art.