Matthew P. Hopkins (‘Vent’ LP launch)


WHEN: 8-11pm – 13 Jun 2014

COST: $10

Matthew P. Hopkins (‘Vent’ LP launch) with special guests Exotic Dog, Moonmilk and Monica Brooks

Matthew P. Hopkins may be familiar courtesy of a diverse range of projects including Half High, NOTV, Four Door, and the Bowles. In his solo work, processed voice, crude electronic and tape manipulation, and found sounds populate spacious planes of drone based musical forms. Ambient and uncanny, with grit and beauty. Hopkins will be launching his new LP ‘Vent’ on the night, out now through Penultimate Press.

Moonmilk is the duo of Lia Tsamoglou and Kell Derrig-Hall, who in recent years have been focussing on their respective projects; Kell with ‘The Singing Skies’, and Lia with ‘Melodie Nelson’, whilst Moonmilk rested its head. It is with much excitement and anticipation that we welcome them back for a special performance. Moonmilk were a staple in the Sydney’s experimental scene in the first decade of the 2000’s, operating as texture experimentalists emitting warm and unsettling tones, rippled by obscured external sounds that float indeterminably beneath and above the mix.

Exotic Dog is the tape music project of Nic W (Model Citizen, Ruined Fortune, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, R.I.P. Society label-head). The cassette four-track is his main instrument, which he has two of and uses to create disorientating sound collages. Mundane field recordings, human voice, mechanic clangs, broken microphone squeals, cheap or not cheap synths and found audio find their way onto the cassettes. Moments are almost rhythmic and loop like, or completely abstract or somewhere in between.

Monica is often found playing few notes in slow succession on the piano accordion in West Head PrMonica Brooksoject, Splinter Orchestra, Mayas/Altman/Brooks Trio, and made Z grade celebrity status in the band formerly known as Ubercube. She also amuses herself with radios and guitar pedals in a trio with Anna Vo and Nadene Pita. Monica on occasion delves deep into the superficial habitats of indie music as a perpetual novice of the piano and computer.