Matriark Presents: Commedia dell’Arte Masterclasses



WHEN: 6.30-8.30pm 9 Aug 2017 – 13 Sep 2017

COST: $275 for 6 weeks

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Before TV Sitcoms, before Chekov and even before Shakespeare there was Commedia dell’Arte. Masked, comic actors; sparkling divas; quirky servants and eccentric masters, bouncing and contorting their way through well-known stories.

Matriark Theatre is opening up the training room in a series of masterclasses designed to introduce and inspire you to a love of this remarkable form.

Perfect for actors, writers, artists and enthusiasts; Commedia dell’Arte blends improvisation, physical theatre and social critique. It provides tools for quickly and effectively telling stories for the stage. Connect with Matriark and learn the basics of the Commedia over six-weeks. Two expert tutors will facilitate a hands-on introduction to the characters, masks and the plot devices of the form.

Classes take place every Wednesday, 6.30 - 8.30pm, 9th August - 13th September.

Teacher Bios

Scott Parker

Scott is the creative director of Matriark Theatre currently creating work at the intersection of puppetry, Commedia dell’Arte and theatre for young audiences. He has had extensive experience directing and performing Commedia dell’Arte in venues across Sydney and continues to explore ways to merge this form with puppetry and storytelling. His interest is not just in the historicity of the form but in its transformation and application in devised theatre. Scott is a recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant and has trained in Paris with Philippe Gaulier.

Nicholas O’Regan

Nicholas is a founding member of Matriark Theatre and international Commedia troupe, I Naufraghi. He is interested in the role of Commedia and character comedy in contemporary Australian theatre and has spent much time building and experimenting. Some of his notable collaborations include Naufraghi, Corna e Zucchero (2013), Commedia della Pozione (2013-15) and Much dell’Arte About Nothing (2016). He has been featured at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, worked as a puppeteer and is involved with Improv Theatre Sydney. Nicholas studied comedy in Italy with Antonio Fava.