WHEN: 7 Aug 2014 – 10 Aug 2014


Produced & Curated by ANDRÉA BROWNE

The concept of owning multiple things is foreign to many Malagasy. Due to circumstances a family will often live in one small room where they will share one meal a day from one bowl with one glass of water.

Madagascar is unique and stunningly beautiful, it is full of warm and gentle people. Sadly it is also one of the 10 poorest countries in the world: around 70 per cent of Madagascar’s population lives below the poverty line.

IRAY : one ; is a collection of photographs by Jackson Gallagher, capturing beautiful moments of Malagasy life and culture. Taken during a volunteer assignment with the organisation Aid to Orphans of Madagascar (AOM)

All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to AOM who do valuable work to improve the lives of disadvantaged Malagasy children and their families.

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Opening Friday August 8th 6-9pm

Exhibition Continues until Sunday 10th August

Open Thursday to Sunday 12-5pm