I Dream of Gina


WHEN: 7.30-11pm – 29 Apr 2014


I Dream of Gina is a new feature documentary that explores the impact Gina Rinehart has on contemporary Australian life, politics and culture.
Join us on our journey to meet Australia's richest and most controversial billionaire.

We have questions for Gina Rinehart on behalf of all Australian’s … but we can’t make this film without the help of everyday people.

The quest begins with our crowdfunding campaign.

You are invited to our crowdfunding campaign launch party at 107 Projects in Redfern.

Help us make the film a reality!

'This film is not only my quest to pin down Gina Rinehart, but a shared journey into the heart of Australia: Where are we going? What are our values? What dreams do we hold for our future?' Liz McCarthy (Director)