Human Resources


WHEN: 6-8pm 2 Jul 2014 – 6 Jul 2014


Andrew Haining | Z. O'Mahoney

Once we were working with raw material. We list ourselves as primary producers for tax purposes, lost in the midst of this service economy... We should have known better than to disenfranchise ourselves, but we have never known better. Raw material. How did all these labour-saving devices amount to so much destruction? How were so many enslaved to serve them that save labour? For labour to be saved, labour need be saved... We are becoming more like computers. Our emotional bodies wither away, thinking rational: progress is the only way to profit. Conscripted to the production of experience... We are able to evoke our sexual desires through visual display. An assimilation and ultimate editing of being, the waste of human endeavour. Though our taxes were a work of art, the work was neither itself nor of itself. Greater than simply fiscal transparency:
a total human acquittal.

Opening Wednesday 2 July 6-8pm

Exhibition Continues until Sunday 6 July

Open Thursday to Sunday 12-5pm