HI RES – Vars and JunkD


WHEN: 12 - 5 PM 18 Jul 2013 – 28 Jul 2013

COST: Free

HI RES– Vars and JunkD
Hi Res aims to take art back from high culture.

Throughout recent history, Art has dwindled into a commodity bought and sold and invested in. Paintings are bought - safely squirreled away until their value increases - and sold for a tidy profit. The result is an elitist culture that caters only to the most ‘informed’ and ‘cultured’. It alienates the general population and those not familiar with art-speak or art markets.

Paintings hung on white walls in stark minimalist environments only serve to re iterate this.

As Graffiti and Street Artists, this doesn’t feel right. The impact of being in front of a massive graffiti piece is invigorating; it’s inspirational and it’s all about the context. Its more than just a painting on a wall, its an experience in Hi Res! The duel solo aspect of the exhibition aims to showcase two styles, similar only in as much as they are both informed by a love of graffiti aesthetic. Vars One works with organic shape that mimics nature whilst JunkD has a more angular style that comes from his work as an architectural draftsman. Vars One and JunkD have been creating art together for years but this is the first opportunity they have had to exhibit together. Having the same need to paint on other people’s stuff, it only seemed right that they enable each other. Through the years searching for the next spot they have fostered a relationship based on trust, equality, having fun and a mutual distaste for authority. The end result is two styles informed by the same experiences, represented completely differently. Hi Res is two different aesthetics that juxtapose each other harmoniously. All the pieces in the show are themed through their use of a coat of resin or ‘Res’. This resin is clear and it is applied after the painting is finished. It adds complexity and depth to the pieces while it accentuates the painterly aspects of the works. It’s visceral and beautiful. (Its that extra little bit like going back to a trackside spot because you forgot your keyline and without a keyline its not gonna pop!)What we are aiming to do with Hi Res Duel solo exhibition is break down that ‘gallery effect’ that deters people from being comfortable in art spaces. With the right amount of installation, music, light, murals, and pieces for sale the idea is that Hi Res is an art show but its an art show that is trying to make you feel comfortable, if we do it right it should be an experience. You should leave having something to enjoy even if you don’t buy a piece! May you walk out refreshed and seeing the city the way we do, as an endless inspiration and canvas.

Exhibition Opening Thursday 18th July 6-9pm

Exhibition runs Thursday to Sunday
12-5pm until Sunday 28th July