Bleeding Earth Launch


WHEN: 7-10pm – 1 May 2015


Music for a Culture Untold: Out May 1... Bleeding Earth. The raw power that is the sound of indie-industrial conscious hip hop duoBati Graves.

Bati Graves, a rising voice for social change, joins Sea Shepherd, The Greens NSW and Foreigndub (Fbi) for the premiere of Bleeding Earth at artist-run space 107 Projects, Redfern on May 1.

This is the first collaboration of underground Sydney artists Ace the Amara (Serpents of the She) and Prolifik the Gifted (Bustacap, High Noon), who together produced and wrote this explosive track. The music video will premiere at the free community event and on Youtube, with the single available on bandcamp.

Ace the Amara said, “If you could stick a microphone into the gravesites of the warriors, that’s Bati Graves. It’s all about connection to past, to culture, to each other, to what’s happening right now in the world. And we do that through music, through art. Bleeding Earth is emotional; it’s raw because it’s about our planet. It’s the reality we’re all living. ”

A love song to the earth, the track builds to a rap about the devastation of our planet and cultural, socio-political issues facing modern society. With authentic hip hop in-your-face truthseeking, these peacemakers challenge what it means to live in our society today and call up their combined ancient Polynesian ancestry for a hypnotic listening experience. And it’s dynamic. Compounding acoustic and electronic instruments into a framework of complex scoring and harmonic structures together with the simplicity of a pop hook, Ace the Amara’s raw authenticity challenges the listener with profound escapades of the tongue, a haunting low register and psychedelic flute distortion. Prolifik the Gifted drops the bass driven beat right into the centre of a pulsating dance floor. Together they are always pushing the electronic envelope way ahead of the game.

The music video, produced by Switch Q Media, tells the Bleeding Earth story through Sydney’s urban and natural landscapes interwoven with expressions of ancient and modern  olynesian culture. Local artists contributed to the video; costumes by Bayvick Designs (Miss South Pacific, Miss Australia) and Xavier Love (Gods of Egypt, Opera Australia), hair and makeup by Vasi Diamond, and Polynesian-style dancers.

Bleeding Earth Launch: Music by Foreigndub (Fbi) and Prolifik the Gifted, live performance by Ace the Amara, costume exhibition, cultural activities, political speakers, and more.

Screening at 8pm.

From May 1: Watch the music video on Youtube / Download the single on bandcamp