Artist Film Workshop


WHEN: – 14 Feb 2014

COST: Free

Artist Film Workshop (AFW) is a collective of filmmakers that operates a lab space in Melbourne with a strong focus on learning and teaching traditional and experimental techniques of 8mm and 16mm film processing and development. AFW also organizes exhibitions and regular screenings of 16mm film works, and operates as a central hub for individual and collaborative film activity, with all decisions made and financed by lab members. If AFW has a manifesto, perhaps it is “Do what thou wilt.”
On February 13th, AFW will premiere their collective realization of Yoko Ono’s Film No. 6 (Omnibus Film) as part of the Yoko Ono retrospective at the MCA.

On February 14th at 107 Projects, they will present an informal screening of a selection of other films by AFW members that utilize a variety of experimental techniques in, and approaches to, 16mm film.