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  • Fennesz + Lillevan, collaborators in sound It’s hard to find anything about Christian Fennesz online. At least, beyond the usual – born in Austria, working in Vienna, and known for his wide-ranging collaborations with sometimes unexpected artists. The 53-year-old guitarist and
  • Contributor Callouts: Come write with us! We’ve made a start, but we want your help to make the 107 blog the place to go for local arts news and interesting reads. 107 Projects is a not-for-profit, artist run space located in the
  • Designfor good Iva Pfeiffer The shelves in Iva Pfeiffer’s sewing room are stacked with neatly folded fabric samples, bundles of wool, and possibly every craft book ever written. There are books on bobbin lace, on embroidery, on weaving fabric from
  • The Interview: Jamie Woodbridge Jamie Woodbridge is a tech enthusiast and product developer who has worked for companies in Britain and Australia, most recently Google. Cahoots is his first attempt at a startup. We had a chat to Jamie about what
  • Fishy Solo Exhibition Amaya Lang 22 Apr 2015 – 3 May 2015 From experimentation with the ceramic form and improvised sound emerges an unconscious depiction of an environment that is strangely familiar yet inherently imaginary. The rhythmic and melodic soundtrack
  • Tjukurpa, Ngura Kupilitja-Nguru “We are telling the stories with our cameras now. We’re doing this because Anangu Tjukurpa or the stories of our Dreaming, they are not fairy tales. They are the stories of our country, they are true stories,
  • FBi Radio launches all female DJ Dance Class Sydney’s FBi Radio has launched a pioneer DJ training program aimed at combatting sexism in the music industry. Dance Class, started in October, will train five young women over a four month
  • Interview: Michael of Mickey’s Fruit & Veg Deli Tell us a bit about Mickey’s Fruit and Veg and Deli. We started this part about five and a half years ago, maybe pushing six years. Me and Dave started it. The
  • Welcome to the 107 Blog Hello there! Welcome to the crazy, quirky, creative space that is the 107 blog! 107 Projects is a not-for-profit community gallery in the heart of Redfern. We run a year-round program of events to enrich