107 Presents 5 2020

ISSUE 5: 2020

107 Presents takes audiences beyond the expected to experience a curated multi-arts program that is innovative, experimental, enticing and accessible. It celebrates the power of creativity to connect community, and showcases Sydney as a creative city to live, work and play. 

107 Presents: Jamie Gray’s Instances

Dec 2019 – Currently

In partnership with Mirvac, Jamie Gray’s Instances will be exhibiting 24/7 on the corner of Ebsworth & Bourke Road. This project is a continuation of the window work we have produced for the same spot, previously with Jeff McCann. 

This exhibition features six portraits and stories from the Instances Collection, that was previously displayed at 107 Redfern Street.

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107 Presents Partners

These initiatives would not be possible without the power of partnership. All of the Partners are generously investing because of their commitment to creating places where people thrive and live creatively.  

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