Workshops and Education Hirer Info

Which of the spaces at 107 are good for workshops?

U1 has lots of natural light and includes a projector, P/A, seating and tables, the Meeting Room is great for small groups and E3 can handle larger groups.

What times are the spaces accessible?

Standard hours from 10am to 5pm for full day workshops, from 5pm for evening workshops.

How much does it cost?

Rates at 107 depend on the which of our categories your application fits into; Subsidised, Standard or Corporate assessed on a case by case basis.

Full day subsidised rates start at $330 for U1, $150 for the Meeting Room and $150 for E3.

Does 107 provide bookings and admin services?

Not yet. You will need to setup and manage online ticketing, and anything you need for admission on the day.