Entirely volunteer run until 2014, 107 is now driven by five full-time equivalent staff and generous contributions by many other people, including over 2000 volunteer hours.


Jess Cook
Managing Director

Lauren van Doornum
Volunteers and Bookings Manager

Dario Phillips
Development Manager

Hannah Saunders
Finance Officer

James McDonald
Creative Program Manager

Jeremy Thomas
Food & Beverage Manager


Nina Baker
Bookings Assistant

Katrina Noorbergen
Bookings Assistant

Amy Willing
Communications Manager

Bernadette Fingleton
Graphic Design

Miquela McGuinness
Associate Producer 107 Presents

Rhiannon Hopley
Photographer Extraordinaire

Liz Martin
Associate Producer Hack Sounds

Heather McCabe
Garden Manager

Campbell McGuinness
Website Design

Ness Cassey
Social Programming and install

Jett Black
Community Engager

Alana Hemens
Catering Queen

David Garrick
IT Manager

Board members

Mary Lynne Pidcock (Chair) | Sylvia Chou (Treasurer) | Duncan Read (Secretary) | Gillian Minervini | Jess Cook | Anna Burns

Resident Artists

We are proud to currently support the following artists through our residency program:

Skye Wager | Mark Eliott | Nicole Larkin | Tom Droz | James Harney | Josh Gilchrist | Katya Petetskaya | Paula Walker | Province (Laura Pike & Anne-Louise Dadak) | Nadeena Dixon | James McDonald


All these creatively inspired and dedicated people help our organisation in many and varied ways across the year to deliver our creative and community programs at our multi-arts community hub. From volunteering as front of house hosts welcoming you to our space to maintaining our building. Or they’re behind the scenes helping out in our administration, designing promotion materials and managing our social media pages. 


Tamara Hall  |  Andrew Grant  |  Juliette Goldfinch  |  Jodi Clarke  |  Jane Guthleben  |  Alex Stokes  |  Jo HN  |  Ayon Bhakta  |  Tess Vincent  |  Dennis de Caires  |  Rhiannon Hopley  |  Bernadette Fingleton  |  Jess Bush  |  Sarah Lowey  |  Angela Nielsen  |  Sally McGovern  |  Morag Crichton  |  Gabi Bowen  |  Alexandra Black  |  Andrew Burford  |  Alexandra Ball  |  Kate Matcham

Tech/AV/Sound Engineers

Alex Holver | George Sheridan  | Phil Downing  | Nick Perry | Chris Hancock  | Oliver Wichmann

Founding Members

Alasdair Nicol | Chris Hancock | Jamie Gerlach | Jess Cook | Kali Reid | Matthew Venables | Michelle McCosker


Jackie Terrett

Rocco Committee Members

Dr Mic | George Vallis  | Dr Marie Healy