tribal warrior

Tribal Warrior

The Tribal Warrior Association was established to help vitalise Aboriginal culture and empower disadvantaged indigenous and non-indigenous people. They produce specialised programs which teach skills for individuals to become self-sufficient and lead to employment opportunities. They generously share their office space at 107 with the organisation Driving Change.


the bower

The Bower

The Bower works to reduce ‘waste’ going to landfill, assist low income earners and educate and inspire Sydneysiders to live, work and play the sustainable way. It does this through a variety of ways holding workshops, repair services and a collection and rehoming service.
They run the workshop space at the rear of the building. It is available to book  at very affordable half day and full day rates.



The Sydney Story Factory

The Sydney Story Factory is a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people at 176 Redfern Street, Redfern, Sydney. Our trained volunteer tutors offer free help to write stories of all kinds. Programs target marginalised young people, and those from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds, but are open to everyone. We run programs for upper-primary and high-school students who have learnt the basics of writing. Our programs develop students’ use of expressive language and improve their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings. We aim to increase enthusiasm for writing and boost confidence, thus allowing students to find their own voice.


Purpose Accounting

Purpose Accounting provides financial management services to for-purpose organisations. Purpose is a collective of experienced financial management and accounting professionals who are dedicated to the non-profit sector. Purpose works to synchronise financial management with strategy and culture, to increase an organisation’s social impact and financial viability. Purpose’s practitioners are current in their knowledge of sector issues impacting funding, accounting standards and available technologies.


The Fern Events

Fern Events

Fern is an abbreviated term used to refer to the area Redfern, The Fern Events is an events company based in Redfern. We are an Events management company that provide event solutions for individuals, small, medium to large organisations who are in search for the event experts, that may not have the time or “know how” to organise their own. Our expertise allow us to offer more than just advice, we are creative event producers and event managers with diverse experience and knowledge on developing ‘Unique memorable events that LAST FOR EVER!” We are the doers of the industry. What we say we are going to do, we do! With integrity and professionalism our team will assist you every step of the way from beginning of the event to the end. Our flexibility can tailor your event within any budget you desire.

Heaps Gay

Heaps Gay

Heaps Gay started life as a regular series of parties for LGBTIQ+ kids and their friends, and has since become one of Sydney’s best regular events for anyone who wants to have some fun and support charities. In November 2015, we launched HeapsGay.Com, a place for people to gather and discuss Queer issues and stories. HeapsGay.Com is run by Kat  and Sam and all stories are written by contributors within the queer community in Sydney. Anyone can write a story or showcase their work.  If you want to join the community, vistit the website and get in contact with us.




Audiocraft is the first initiative in Australia to bring together producers from the public, community, and independent radio and podcast sectors. They want to harness the creative energy and excitement around audio storytelling and build a stronger community of producers across Australia. They hold an annual conference and a series of monthly listening events.

Dear Pluto

Dear Pluto

Since launching the brand in 2008 with monthly vintage sales at Hibernian House, we’ve broadened our range of events to include makers markets, workshops, exhibitions, talks and dating parties. We aim to promote a slower way of living, making thoughtful purchases and ditching the swipe, whilst keeping everything we do accessible, novel and most importantly, fun. Whether you’re looking to meet some amazing babes, find a unique gift or learn something new, Dear Pluto have you covered.


Big Hart

Big hART

Big hART is Australia’s leading arts and social change company; producing critically and publicly acclaimed performance, visual, and media art while being a powerful driver of solutions to complex social problems. Big hART works with communities to foster social inclusion and participation. These values underpin all of the company’s work. At the heart of Big hART’s approach is a simple idea, ‘it’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story’. Today Big hART has worked in over 45 communities, alongside over 7500 individuals in urban, rural, regional and remote Australia. Some issues tackled have included: unemployment, domestic violence in isolated communities; teenage mothers and early childhood education; young fathers in juvenile justice; Indigenous language loss; drug and alcohol misuse; homelessness; social inclusion; public housing; climate change and drought; depression; youth suicide, incarceration and racial justice. These issues are often framed as narratives of despair with no way out. Big hART helps communities change the story, producing art that drives positive and measurable outcomes for individuals, communities and the nation.


intimate spectacle

Intimate Spectacle

Intimate Spectacle is an independent performing arts producing company based in Sydney, Australia. We work across genres, from contemporary theatre & dance theatre to live art, interactive performance, and events in between “the arts” and popular culture. We’re interested in work that’s engaging, surprising, perhaps playful, but with substance, and full of heart. We see “contemporary” arts practice not as intimidating or difficult, but simply as art that speaks for and to the times we live in. Great performance connects artists and audiences through memorable, transformative shared experiences. For us this usually involves inviting the audience into some kind of relationship beyond passive spectatorship – perhaps animating the spaces, physical or virtual, in which we live, work or play. We are building a producing model that’s flexible, responsive yet proactive, and artist-focused. And that works reciprocally, that’s about exchange and sharing as much as gigs and touring, whether it’s working locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, or anywhere in between.


Lights Camera Business

Lights Camera Business

Lights Camera Business is a Sydney video production company. We create marketing and communications that delight and entertain, including TV commercials, branded content and corporate videos. We use lean, innovative production techniques and excel at adapting complex information and business goals to the short, emotional medium of film. 


Branch Nebula

Branch Nebula

Branch Nebula works across disciplines in performance, dance and design to challenge mainstream cultural conventions. We often work with non-conventional performers to collaboratively devise work that defies categorization. We interrogate the audience experience and explore contemporary culture as a means of creating access and speaking to a broad audience.