Christine Davey – The New Plot Winner – Currently undertaking a residency at Bundanon.

“As an emerging writer, attending the Bundanon Residency is a gift. Not only do I hope it will provide the time and space to think, write, edit and develop my play, but it will, I have no doubt, be a creative inspiration. Writing is, by definition, a difficult, lonely and isolating job – there are always distractions, things that must be done, ‘life’ getting in the way of the creative process. I’m looking forward to being in the beautiful surrounds of Bundanon and having the breath to concentrate my mind and energies on completing my play – The Last Tiger. I thank the Trust, the New Plot and all the staff at 107 for this remarkable and sought-after opportunity that I’m sure it will create the perfect springboard for new work.” – Christine Davey

Christine Davey is an emerging playwright. She is currently completing her Masters studies (screenwriting) and hopes to go on to PhD studies (creative writing) in 2018. Her plays have been performed by such Melbourne institutions as LaMama and she has had rehearsed readings at Griffin and Playbox.

Christine worked for many years as a sports writer and is enjoying the process of moving from deconstruction to construction. She is currently undertaking a residency at Bundanon Trust as winner of The New Plot playwriting award in 2017.


Sarah Doyle – The New Plot Runner Up – Currently undertaking a residency at 107 Redfern.

At certain junctures in writing a play I have found that gathering together a very talented group of actors and a small intelligent audience will push the work into new ground. At that point, if I feel they feel I’m onto something, I return to the page and flesh out. It is the way to grow a work for me. 

A lot of the stuff I write about is kind of dark and icky, it is not something I want to sleep next to. Only recently I’ve realised I need to not shit where I eat, I need a place to write away from where I rest my head.

Having a residency at 107 means I can have a focused space to write, and a physical space to workshop with actors and have the intelligent witness of new work. Specifically in June as the runner-up (tears) to The New Plot, I am continuing to push Don’t Tell Indi into a fully fleshed full length play. As I hit each phase of its development, the story and themes continue to deepen. Coming fresh off the bat of a table reading in LA, I’m excited to close out June at 107 with a brand new baby. Concurrently, I have a first draft and a second draft due for other babies, and this space will provide ample creative dosey-doe.” – Sarah Doyle

Sarah’s works explore the crevasses and cracks of life, however uncomfortable to confront, with a wit and honesty that leaves no stone unturned.

Raised in Sydney, Sarah’s artistic journey took her to New York to work in theatre where she collaborated as a playwright with New Dramatists and Soho Think Tank as well as members of The Wooster Group and LAByrinth Theatre Company. Her creative energies eventually brought her to LA where she has continued to develop her voice as a writer, expanding into television and features as well as writing and directing theatre, a variety of music videos and other short form work.

So far in 2017, Sarah’s new play Don’t Tell Indi was produced at 107 and was shortlisted for The New Plot National Playwright Award. Sarah also was lead actor in Jane and Jim and Socrates at Sydney’s School of Practical Philosophy. She directed The Inquest as part of a directing/playwriting commission with Sydney’s CorriLee Foundation for The Ripple Effect. The Inquests were four panels of high-profile Australian experts and anonymous individuals, who have had personal experience with the far-reaching effects of incest abuse. Sarah is currently using the footage to write the stage play, and CorriLee Foundation plan to produce a documentary about this entire process.

At a table read for Don’t Tell Indi in LA.