Music Event Hirer Info

Which of 107’s spaces are set up for music events?

E3 is set up for larger music and performance events with a P/A, 16 channel mixer, lighting rig, projector and screen already in the space. The Rooftop Garden and U1 works well for smaller acoustic or amplified gigs with a more intimate experience. E1 and E2 are sometimes available depending on our exhibition schedule, these spaces are large and open and have worked well with small amplified and acoustic setups. 107 Social is also good for DJs and small ensembles before the main gig.

What kind of in house tech. does 107 have?

Here’s a link to out Tech List.

What time can I access the space for sound check?

Standard access is from 5pm.

Can I book the space for rehearsals prior to performances?

Yes, just let us know when you would like to rehearse on your application form.

Does 107 have an in house backline available to use?

Not currently.

Does 107 have an in-house sound and lighting technician?

No, you are welcome to provide your own technicians if you wish or 107 can put you in touch with freelance technicians on request.

Do I get a cut from bar takings?

Nope, proceeds from bar sales go directly back into 107 to keep us open and independent, and to keep hire costs down.

Does 107 provide front of house, event, or ticketing staff?

No, you will need to provide the staffing you need to run your event (excluding bar staff). Don’t forget a cash float for tickets on the door

Does 107 provide a rider for performers?

Not as such, though performers and artists are entitled to generous discounts from 107 Social’s food and drink menu.