Exhibition Hirer Info

Which of the spaces at 107 are good for exhibitions?

E1 and E2 hold the majority of our two week exhibitions, the spaces can be applied for separately or together. E3 is perfect if you need a darkened atmosphere, U1 is good for short run, smaller scale exhibitions and the Window Box is set up for small displays on show 24/7.

How long are exhibitions at 107?

Exhibitions in E1 and E2 are a 2 weeks standard. E3 and U1 are limited to 1 week. Public viewing hours are 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday. The Window box can be applied for in 1-4 week blocks.

What is included when I have an exhibition at 107?

Exhibitions include the space, lighting assistance, volunteers to mind the exhibition during public viewing hours, a printed postcard invite, a printed room sheet, an event listing on the 107 Projects webpage, and limited promotion through the 107 mailing list and social media.

How much does it cost?

Rates at 107 depend on the which of our categories your application fits into; Subsidised, Standard or Corporate assessed on a case by case basis.

Two week exhibitions in E1 or E2 start at $550 inclusive of GST, $1100 for both spaces, depending on the number of artists included.

E3 rates start at $150 per day and $275 per evening that the space is in use.

U1 rates start at $220 per day and $220 per evening that the space is in use.

The Window Box $110 per week.

How and when do I install my work?

Exhibition install and deinstall at 107 is for the most part D.I.Y., 107 is able to provide a basic install kit including a drill and materials to patch and paint walls. If you require professional assistance installing artwork 107 can put you in touch with freelance installers on request.

Install is on the first Tuesday from 10am until late and the morning of the first Wednesday before the opening at 6pm.

Does 107 take a commission on artwork sales?

107 handles sales on a consignment basis. You provide the wholesale price, then 22% is added for commission and 10% for GST.

Is there access to power in the spaces?

Yes, all spaces at 107 have access to electrical power outlets. If you require a large number of access points E2 has the most accessible outlets. Make sure to professionally test and tag all electrical equipment and artworks before installing to avoid electrical hazards.

Does 107 have A/V equipment I can use?

107 has one BenQ SH940 projector and media player that can be hired for $50 per week including a ceiling mount. Anything additional to that will need to be sourced elsewhere.

Can I drill into the walls or suspend work from the ceiling?

Yes, to a degree. You may drill, nail and screw into the plasterboard walls, for ceiling suspended work best to make a time for a site visit with 107’s Program Manager to discuss the options.

What happens on the opening night?

Opening night is generally the first Wednesday of two week exhibitions between 6pm and 8pm. 107 is a licensed venue and runs a bar for the duration of the opening. 107 will also provide the facilities and person to process any artwork sales.